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The Three Jaguars: A Comic About Art, Business, and Life

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cover-for-comic-collectionBeing in business as a creative of any type–writer, artist, musician, craftsperson–can be intimidating. The Three Jaguars web comic tackled basic business issues for artists with humor, panache, and fur! Using the archetypes of Artist, Marketer, and Business Manager, the jaguars took on everything from troubling contract clauses to calculating return on investment. This collection includes the entirety of the 6 month run of the comic, plus bonus material drawn for this volume specifically.

Hugo Award-winning artist Ursula Vernon says “It’s better than burning your house down and taking to the sea!” So pull up a chair, a cup of coffee, and join the jaguars for fun, education, and the occasional cuddle picture! (Marketer insisted on that part!)

Topic: business nonfiction
Tags: cartoon jaguars, humor, basic business principles, educational

From Spark to Finish: Running Your Kickstarter Campaign

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In my first year on Kickstarter, I ran four campaigns. All four succeeded; in fact, all four overfunded, some by over 400%.

I am not a media superstar. I am, at best, a very energetic indie author and freelance painter. But even a small fish can make a big splash in the Kickstarter pond… with the right tools. This guide outlines the steps I took to build and fund all of my campaigns, from the spark of an idea, through project design and running the campaign, all the way to fulfillment… and beyond. It’s even got checklists… and cartoon jaguars!

Are you ready to run your own successful Kickstarter campaign? Let’s get started!

Topic: business nonfiction
Tags: crowdfunding, kickstarter, checklists, walk-throughs, worksheets, cartoon jaguars